HistoricalBoardGaming.com has spent nearly six years serving the needs and wants of the wargaming community offering unique custom games, game pieces, and gaming accessories. We have invested many thousands of dollars into creating a wide variety of war game figures, tokens, markers, and maps with huge success. 

Our crowning achievement is our line of Battle Pieces which allow games like HBG's Global War 1939, Global War 1936 and Axis & Allies* to be expanded with custom units and rules, as well as providing a low cost option for table top miniature wargaming. Available in many different styles and colors, by the set or by the piece, our selection is unmatched.

Historical Board Gaming was created by its owner and President, Doug Friend of Oklahoma. A true gamer, historian and entrepreneur, Doug has grown HBG from a simple eBay store into a leader of custom gaming products. Through his online network and creative spirit, he assembled a team of gaming fanatics across the United States which includes HBG's Vice President Mike Kelley of California, creative game developers Adam Woodard of Tennessee and Chris Noble of Missouri. Rounding out the HBG talent are the much appreciated artistic design skills of Casey Friend, and the relentless assistance of Avery Friend and the Tulsa gaming crew. Add to that HBG's international team of contracted 3D modelers, Photoshop experts, and game designers, and we have a ton of talent which allows our creative dreams to become realities.

Please feel free to email us anytime, info@historicalboardgaming.com 

You can also find us on Facebook as "Historical Board Gaming" and "Global War Game" our staff are active on a number of game forums including axisandallies.org and forumini.org under the names of coachofmany (Doug), Variable (Mike), and Tigerman77 (Adam).

*The name Axis & Allies is a Trademark of Wizards of the Coast, LLC and Hasbro Inc. We are not affiliated with these companies.

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