Ar E.340 Bomber 3D Printed Aircraft Set

Ar E.340 Bomber 3D Printed Aircraft Set

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Download PDF (2.6 MB) Rules HERE v1.0 (Updated 6/10/16)

Ar E.340 (Printed in Black or Grey)

Rule Set (x1)

The Arado E340 is a twin-engine medium bomber

concept. This bomber was designed to win

contracts for a high speed bomber - one whose

primary defense against interception would be

its exceptional speed. The bomber would have

a 13,000lb payload and carry defensive machine

guns as well as air-ground rockets.

Historical Board Gaming’s line of 3D printed sets are designated in rules as “TPD” followed by a letter (TPDA, TPDB etc…) so you rules can be referenced in future expansions. Players of Global War 1939 and Axis & Allies 1940 will find these rules compatible with those systems.

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