'Battle Pieces'' - U.S. Exp. - Complete Set

'Battle Pieces'' - U.S. Exp. - Complete Set

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Olive Drab
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United States Expansion Set

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HBG is producing its 10th series of plastic gaming pieces that may be used in miniature games such as Axis & Allies, Memoir44, and many other miniature war games. These will be done in approximately the same scale as A&A and FMG minis so that you have a better selection of pieces to choose from for your variant and house rules. This set is the US Expansion Set and will be available in 2 colors: Olive Green (OOB) & Dark Green.

A complete set will have 30 pieces

  • (2) Late War Infantry w/ MG
  • (2) M3A2 Halftracks
  • (2) 155mm M1A1 HeavyArtillery
  • (2) Greyhound Armored car
  • (4) M4A3 Sherman Medium Tank
  • (2) Pershing Heavy Tank
  • (2) P-47 Thunderbolt Fighter plane
  • (2) SB2C Helldiver Tac
  • (2) P-80 Shooting Star Jet Fighter
  • (2) B-24 Liberator Heavy Bomber
  • (2) Omaha Class Light cruiser
  • (2) Baltimore Class Heavy Cruiser
  • (2) South Dakota Class Battleship
  • (2) Essex Class Fleet Carrier

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