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Battle of Norway Boxed Game

Battle of Norway Game

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The printed version of the game is currently only available in Norwegian. However, an English language translation of the game rules (with a guide to the playing cards) is now available:

English Game Manual

Bonus Content:

Scenario 1: Introduction – Narvik

Scenario 2: Gudbrandsdalen and Řsterdalen

Norwegian Action Cards Reference Sheet

Allied Action Cards Reference Sheet

German Action Cards Reference Sheet

Advanced Game Sequence of Play (by Andrzej Cierpicki)

You can also order the English Rules and cards from The Game Crafter printed and mailed to you if you do not want to print them yourself.

The Battle of Norway is a Norwegian strategy board game for 2-3 players (teams) from 12 years upwards, which deals with the German invasion of Norway on 9 April 1940, and the battles that followed throughout the spring and summer.

The game is designed by Eivind Vetlesen and Yngve Bćkholt.

On 9 April 1940 the German armed forces attacks a neutral and poorly prepared Norway. The campaign in Norway is a daring operation, but Hitler has decided to bring the land under the iron heel. Norwegian and Allied forces mobilize and refuse to give up without a fight. Can they stop the German onslaught?

This is the basis for the strategy game Battle of Norway, an exciting board game about the German invasion in 1940, giving players the opportunity to exercise historical knowledge in practice.

The inaugural Norwegian strategy war game is delicately executed with lifelike pieces, realistic playing cards and a detailed map.
  • Each player assumes the role of Commander in Chief of the military forces of Norway, the Allies and Germany.
  • Using pieces, dice and playing cards players are fighting a battle among themselves on the board, where Norway and the allies together must try to stop Germany gaining ground on Norwegian soil and prevent Germany occupy all the important cities.
  • Players must make strategic choices, manage resources on playing cards, move their battalions around the game board and fight against your opponent on the land.
  • Whoever chooses the smartest strategy has the best chance of winning, but it also helps to be friends with dice.
  • The Battle of Norway can be played in two difficulty levels.

Game box contents:

Game board
Rules Booklet (in Norwegian)
Booklet with historical info (in Norwegian)
(10) Dice
(50) Miniature playing pieces
(112) Playing cards (+ six blank replacement cards)
(22) “9 April Cards"
(36) Ship cards
(35) White and 5 black chips

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