Cao-700 Bomber 3D Printed (Qty. 1)
Cao-700 Heavy Bomber

Cao-700 Bomber 3D Printed (Qty. 1)

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Download PDF (624 kb) Rules HERE v1.0 (Updated 8/25/15)


Cao-700 (x1) 3D Printed in Blue plastic

The Cao-700 is a French strategic bomber designed in 1937.  One prototype was built but the bomber never went into full production.  The four-engine bomber carried 8,000lbs of ordnance and for protection had three 7.5mm machines guns and one 20mm cannon.  

The rules are written for Global War -2nd edition, yet they are compatible with Global War 1st edition and Axis & Allies 1940.  Slight modifications for use with Axis & Allies 1940 are included



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