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Custom Map - Invasion of Italy
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Custom Map - Invasion of Italy
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Invasion Of Italy Map
36"X48" Map
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In the early months of 1943, the United States and British Commonwealth forces had finally defeated Rommel and the axis armies of North Africa. The allied leaders were in disagreement on what the next step should be; invade Italy, the Balkans, or France. Stalin was desperate to open another front in Europe. Churchill wanted to invade Italy which he labeled ‚€úthe soft underbelly of the axis‚€Ě. It was agreed that since no invasion of Northern France could be undertaken in 1943, that the invasion of Sicily would take place. The allied commanders were sure that invading Italy would all but destroy the Italians will to fight, and maybe the government and Mussolini would be overthrown.

The German high command was also aware that Italy‚€ôs support for the war was dwindling. German units that were needed for the Eastern front were sent to Italy to help defend against an allied attack and to police the Italian army in case of a coup. With most of Germany‚€ôs army and supplies on the Eastern front and a weakening ally in Italy, Germany is desperate to keep the allies out of Southern Europe.

The Invasion of Italy is an Axis&Allies style game that puts you in the seat of the axis commanders who are racing to get their army into a position to defend Southern Europe, and allied commanders who are ready to open another front in Europe to relieve the Russians on the Eastern front. Will you follow history as the allies and invade Sicily and then Italy, or will you try to take Rome first and severe the axis army in Europe? Can the axis hold out long enough with their limited supplies, or will Italy fall and leave Germany defending Italy‚€¶..ALONE?

Shipping will be charged at $12.95 but will be adjusted up or down depending where you are located. This map will be printed on a high quality banner vinyl material. I have pulled away from the hard vinyl, this will keep my cost down as well as your and keep your map from being damaged as easily, it is very durable. Kit includes: High Quality vinyl map on a thick banner material.

Free Rules & Setup are available at "Invasion of Italy" on Board Game Geek. Become a fan of the game, post pictures, and leave comments!

Customer Reviews
Rating Una fantastica mappa
  Una mappa da gioco relativa all'epica campagna d'Italia mancava davvero. Grazie a HBG ora noi appassionati disponiamo di una fantastica mappa da gioco molto grande e dettagliata e con tantissimi territori. Si puÚ giocare anche in 4 giocatori e le possibilitŗ di movimento delle truppe rendono il tutto molto realistico e divertente. Assolutamente da comprare!!
  Reviewed by:  Roberto Iaccarino from Napoli, Italia. on 11/7/2013
Rating Great Map
  Just got this in yesterday, The Quality is fantastic, I purchased the Big Battle Pack as well and am very pleased with my purchase, i can Not wait to play this!
  Reviewed by:  THOMAS EGGERS from VIRGINIA. on 10/9/2011
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