Defcon 1-Atomic Defense in Amerika -Amerika Expansion Set

Defcon 1-Atomic Defense in Amerika -Amerika Expansion Set

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Download PDF (1.1 Mb) Rules HERE v1.0 (Updated 9/26/16)

Component List

x2 Atomic Bomb Marker

x10 Wasserfall Missile Marker

Defcon 1: Atomic defense in amerika


The following rules will help you incorporate these new units into your AMERIKA game. Feel free to pick and choose which ones to use so long as all players agree. These can help balance the game when players of differing skill levels play against each other, or add new dimensions and strategy for advanced players.

 The Axis were aware for some time that the Allies had heavily invested in making atomic energy work as a weapon in hopes of delivering a crippling blow and ending the war. Keeping the Allies from developing this technology into a full-fledged long-range weapon is what Amerika is all about! This expansion set allows the Allies to use whatever nuclear technology they can muster to help defend themselves while they attempt to finish their work in the wake of an invasion.

 To prepare for this possibility, Germany developed the EMW C2 Wasserfall. This guided missile system would be used against Allied bombers to protect ground troops from high-level aerial assaults, especially of the atomic variety!



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