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Global War 1939 (Axis & Allies Variant Map) Revised
Part Number MAP39_AA
Global War 1939 (Axis & Allies Variant Map) Revised
Global War 1939 Revised
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"Global War 1939 Revised″

 Larger Europe, Japan, and Britain areas.

Same great map, sea zones, etc just larger areas to place your pieces.

Cleaner looking roundels, new convoy box artwork, better looking fonts.

Rules are rewritten for a stand alone set of rules.

 There are NO Airfields or Naval Ports on the revised edition

Free Rules & Setup are available at "Global War 1939" on Board Game Geek. Become a fan of the game, post pictures, and leave comments!

Cost shown is for the map only and does not include total shipping (read below please). You will be billed $14.95 for shipping & Insurance when order is placed, and any balance prior to shipping will be billed at time of ship date. Please allow 2 business days to have map ready to ship. Map is shipped in a sturdy box packed with peanuts for added safety to insure a great product.

This is a newly developed one piece map that was recently revised by ‚€ĚTigerman77″ and ‚€úCoachofmany‚€Ě. The map is printed out in full color on a durable one piece vinyl.  Dimensions are approx. 46″ x 96″ or 34″ x 72″.

Shipping is extra and will be billed exact at time of shipping: Domestic $14.95 ‚€ď $19.95 (dependant on delivery location), International: $29.95 ‚€ď $39.35 This item will ship rolled in a 5″ square box x 36 or 48″ long.

Check out the Game being played on a 46″ x 96″ map on the You Tube Video below!

 The game involves several new Nations:

Allies (United States, Great Britain & Canada, UK Far East Command & Australia, Russia & Communist China, France, Poland-Dutch-Neutrals)

Axis (Germany-Romania, Finland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Vichy France, Italy, Japan & Thailand)  

 Rules are Global 1940 with some modifications.

In order to play Global 1939 Variant , it is recommended that you have a copy of Axis & Allies Europe & Pacific 1940.  In addition to this game, you will need the following:
-12 Sided Dice 
Global 1939 Supplement Set.

Customer Reviews View All Reviews
Rating Huge
  Very nice quality. Easier to set up than I thought it would be. I would made a few small changes with sea zones so USA can't invade France in one turn by crossing the Atlantic Ocean in 3 spaces. Still very nice.
  Reviewed by:  John Zakshesky from Northern Michigan. on 5/1/2015
Rating Attack,attack, always attack
  Just received the BIG map yesterday. It looks awesome. I can't wait to play.
  Reviewed by:  Larry Fries from Otsego,MN. on 9/25/2014
Rating Global war 1939
  It's big, very big. The color and the quality of the map is impressive. I'm very glad to have buying this product. It seem expensive at first but when you see the map ( I bought the big one ), you forgot the price; trust me. And the rules and all the variety of military pieces that you introduce with it makes the game very rich. Thank you King Tiger Games for making boardgames at the size I love.
  Reviewed by:  Daniel Tessier from Quebec Canada. on 5/19/2014
Rating Love the map
  Its big and beautiful. Seems well made too.
  Reviewed by:  raleigh berry from pittsburgh. on 3/17/2014
Rating Mr.
  Overall, the Global War 1939 Revised is a superb map, especially the largest size. I could not have asked for a better map. However, a few adjustments could be made to it. First, the Pacific Ocean needs to be either much larger or include more sea spaces. Second, Africa is too small. It should take twice as long for a Tank to get from Cairo to South Africa than it does to travel around Europe. Third, the Atlantic Ocean should have an extra sea space so that the U.S. cannot invade France from the U.S. Additionally, the circular sea space around Gibraltar does not make much sense. Finally, some IPC values need to be adjusted, especially for Italy. Sicily and territories in southern Italy should be lowered by a few points. Overall, however, the map is the best Axis & Allies map on the market. These adjustments would make it even better.
  Reviewed by:  Sean Bortz from Old Hickory, TN. on 3/10/2014
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