Me-323 "Gigant" 3D Printed Aircraft Set
Me-323 Gigant Expansion Set

Me-323 "Gigant" 3D Printed Aircraft Set

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Download PDF (1.1 MB) Rules HERE v1.0 (Updated June 2015)

The Me-323 heavy transport is an incredible German transport aircraft you can add to your arsenal in Global War – 2nd edition.  This set introduces rules for air transports which will serve as the basis for future expansions.  We also included some units that you can transport in your new aircraft.  

Historical Board Gaming’s line of 3D printed sets are designated in rules as “TPD” followed by a letter (TPDA, TPDB etc…) so you rules can be referenced in future expansions.  Players of Global War 1939 and Axis & Allies 1940 will find these rules compatible with those systems.

Download PDF (1.1 mb) Rules HERE v1.0 (Updated June 2015)

Me-323 Gigant

Me-323 Transport (x1) (3D Printed in White, Black or Grey)

German Infantry (x1)

Panzer II Light Tank (x1)

Mörser 18 Heavy Artillery (x1)

Rule Set (x1)




5 Stars
Very nice!
These are really nice pieces. Well designed and produced. They add a great new tactical element to the game.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Port Hueneme, CA. on 9/14/2016
5 Stars
The ME-232 Transport is a nice unit to add to anyone's Luftwaffe. It paints up real well and the unit is strong and durable. This adds a new element for transport of heavy German combat units that is going to make playing the game much more enjoyable and not too predictable.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Minot, North Dakota. on 7/19/2015
5 Stars
DO-X and Me-323
Both of these pieces are of great value to the German war effort in Axis and Allies 1940. The DO-X is useful for bringing in an extra infantry to reinforce Great Britain following the capture of London. It's ability to land in a newly captured territory makes it an excellent way of reinforcing your new holding. The Me-323 is even better. It's ability to carry artillery makes it simply invaluable. The ability to ferry artillery to Finland allows the Germans to put pressure of the USSR from another angle, potentially speeding the fall of Stalingrad. If you regularly play Germany, you will want to be sure to add these to your arsenal.
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Reviewed by:  from Washington State. on 4/19/2015
4 Stars
A good expansion
The set and pieces themselves were great. I ordered the extreme set in grey and the paint job was pretty good although the paint was rough and somewhat crumbly. The main problem is that you can't really use the set without the others without unbalancing your game.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from US. on 3/1/2015
5 Stars
Really Cool Set!!!
This is a neat set. It has cool rules. What is so cool is you can carry a tank for the first time in the air. How cool is that? Endless possibilities now with all these wild rules, and will only get better when other countries get their sea planes. Now you can gain control of your coastal waters much easier, and carry two infantry into battle. This is an awesome set!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Texas. on 2/23/2015

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