Operation Hercules-Invasion of Malta Custom Map & Rules

Operation Hercules-Invasion of Malta Custom Map & Rules

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Operation Hercules-Invasion of Malta

With Malta in enemy hands, the Mediterranean route would be completely closed to us...this tiny island was a vital feature in the defence of our Middle East position." General Hastings Ismay

Bypassing enemy formations is always problematic. Leaving one behind without sufficient capability to contain their activity just compounds difficulties. Like an unresolved medical issue, it could be your undoing. Malta became a thorn in the side of the Axis. While many plans were considered to deal with the British at Malta, German and Italian strategy either lacked coherent thought or attempted too many lightning victories in other locations to bring any of them to conclusion. The inability to control the Mediterranean weakened the Axis ability to supply and secure the Mediterranean and Africa, thereby exposing the “soft underbelly” of Europe much sooner to Allied invasion. However, if Malta had been attacked in 1940 by the Italians, or in 1942 in a combined operation, things may have been much different…


Ø  Units Required to Play (Download PDF HERE)  210 kb

Ø  Play aids - Setup Charts, etc (Downloadable PDF when purchased)

Ø  1 Map (Rolled Vinyl) 36" x 36" (91.4 cm x 91.4 cm)

Ø  Rules Booklet v1.0 (Downloadable PDF)  1.9 Mb


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Sample Map

Ø  Map Sample Download (87kb)

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