Ordnance #3-1936 Expansion Set

Ordnance #3-1936 Expansion Set

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Download PDF (5.1 MB) Rules HERE v1.0 (Updated 10/31/16)

Ordnance 3 Contents


Chemical Weapon Markers (x8)

Biological Weapon Markers (x8)


Sarin Nerve Gas Marker (x2)

Uji Bubonic Flea Bomb (x2)

This set features a number of new chemical and biological ordnance for use with Global War -2nd edition.  It is a testament to the horrific effects of these weapons that they considered too brutal for use in the Second World War. However, these weapons were at times used clandestinely by the Axis. The Japanese used them against China and the Italians used gas against the Abyssinians.


On the eve of World War II the production capacity of many nations far outstripped its World War I capabilities.  Germany, which could produce about 40,000 tons of gas per year in World War I had the capacity to create 184,000  tons by 1939.  Germany had also excelled in the development of new gases such as Tabun and Sarin gas with near 10 time the toxic potential of Mustard Gas (which itself was responsible for a quarter of all US casualties in WW I).


In these set we will explore the use of weapons in select theatres as well as the grim possibility of their full-scale use.   In researching this set, I can’t begin to describe the abject horror and brutality of these weapons and the experiments used to test them.  

 These rules are written Global War - 2nd edition, however at the end of this document are a few changes necessary to play these with Global War 1st edition or Axis and Allies 1940.

 All of our sets are labeled with a set designator for reference in other rule sets. 



5 Stars
Unconventional Warfare
A great expansion for wearing down the Russian horde. During my combat tour in Desert Storm, however, the use of chemical weapons was my biggest fear.
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