Historical Board Gaming ships world wide! We are based in Tulsa, OK. USA

Domestic (USA)
$3.45 for $0-$99.99 of Merchandise
$5.95 for $100.00-$249.99
$10.95 for $250.00 and up
$7.95 for $0-74.99
$9.95 for $75.00-$124.99
$14.95 for $125-?
$16.95 Flat Rate box 13 ounces and greater if items can fit in a flate rate small box.
Please email me to confirm shipping on large orders please.
$16.95 for Merchandise $0-$99.00 that can fit into a small flat rate box.
$27.90 for $100-$249.99 of  merchandise that can fit into two flat rate boxes
I will always send first class and refund the difference in shipping cost to you.
Most International small orders are charged $16.95 but when figured for first class maill it runs $7.00-$8.00 so I will refund the difference after payment.