Global War 1914

Dive into the intricate web of alliances and conflicts of World War I with Global War 1914, the definitive strategic tabletop game. Explore multiple dimensions of warfare—military, diplomatic, and economic—across a global landscape. Whether you're a history buff or a strategy game enthusiast, this immersive experience offers countless avenues for both historical and ahistorical outcomes.

Global War 1936

Experience the pinnacle of WWII strategy with Historical Board Gaming's "Global War 1936-1945 v4.1". This latest edition, honed with over 1,000 hours of development, features a refined map, balanced units, and innovative naval rules, offering a more streamlined and engaging experience. With high-quality components and a focus on fair play, this game brings the complexities of global conflict to your tabletop, challenging you to rewrite history.

Global War 1939

Step into the vast theater of WWII with "Global War 1939" from Historical Board Gaming, an expanded version of the classic game with more territories in Europe, Japan, and Britain. This visually stunning map, designed by Tigerman77 and Coachofmany, is printed on durable vinyl and measures 46" x 96". With a complete stand-alone rule set and new factions like Vichy France and UK Far East Command, the game offers a unique twist on the traditional Axis and Allies format. Connect with a passionate community on Board Game Geek for resources and immerse yourself in a deeper, more strategic version of WWII gameplay.


The Japanese aim to cripple the U.S. Navy by attacking Midway Island, underestimating the U.S. forces led by Admiral Fletcher. As the Japanese fleet, commanded by Admiral Nagumo, prepares to strike, the U.S., having cracked the Japanese codes, knows their plans and is ready to counterattack. This intense two-player game has one player controlling the U.S. forces defending Midway and the other leading the Japanese assault. The U.S. faces tough odds but holds a key advantage with their knowledge of Japanese movements. The Japanese must locate and attack the U.S. fleet while defending their own carriers from American air strikes.

Global War 2025: Meltdown

Embark on a journey into the future of warfare with Historical Board Gaming's "Global War 2025: Meltdown". This cutting-edge board game brings together modern military technology and global strategy, featuring stealth destroyers, cruise missiles, drones, and nuclear weapons. Players take command of major powers—the U.S., NATO, and allied states against the Russian Federation, China, and a Middle Eastern caliphate—navigating high-tech research and cyber-warfare in a quest for global dominance.

The Roman Empire: A Time in History

Travel through history with our board game, where players reenact the dramatic fall of the Roman Empire. Step into the shoes of the Eastern or Western Roman Empire, striving to maintain dominance amidst chaos. Alternatively, rise as the tribal factions of the Sassanids, Franks, or Goths, each with ambitions to supplant the crumbling empire. For those who crave conquest, the Huns offer a path to trample civilizations in a quest for supremacy. Each faction features unique victory conditions and strategic play-styles, ensuring a diverse gaming experience.

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