155mm M1A1 Heavy Artillery (x5)
155mm M1A1 Heavy Artillery (x5)

155mm M1A1 Heavy Artillery (x5)

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155mm M1A1 Heavy Artillery (Pack of 5) 
From HBG's WW2 US Expansion Set, this is the way to go if you need more units of a specific type or color. It is available in 2 colors: Olive Drab and Dark Green. These plastic gaming pieces can be used in miniature games like Axis & Allies.

HBG Customer House Rule:

1. In the house rule the heavy artillery can only move in the non-combat movement. The HVY ART can participate in battle (a combat move) just to move territories the Artillery moves in noncombat. This may save the artillery. In WW2 Germany had several monster size guns even one that required its own rail lines. However, these were vulnerable to air attack and require a great deal of air defense. So leaving the Heavy Artillery behind may keep it around. 

2. Striking ships off the coast. The 8-inch guns on Gold Beach (Famous picture of guns inside a fortress of concrete) did sink a Norwegian destroyer. The destroyers came in close to destroy the 75mm guns around 10 AM. The lead was sunk by the 8-inch guns before British Troops overran the gun mounts. These 8-inch guns were controlled by the Kriegsmarine and represented the most outer interlocking field of fire. This chain of heavy guns was never completed, no guns were placed at PT DuHoc. Look at PT DuHoc today on a satellite image, you see many create, a very important location in taking out ships.

3. The no die roll in return reflex the greater range of the heavy artillery, the traditional 8 inch US Army gun was awesome. However, often difficult to get in the best place at the right time. Hence back to moving during noncombat. 

4. By default heavy artillery cannot be used on an amphibious assault, dragging a big gun across the beach without marshal matting or a causeway well is just not possible.

HBG Customer House Rule
Heavy Artillery can only move during the non-combat movement phase, so HVY artillery cannot capture territory only occupy currently controlled territory. HVY Artillery can be used in combat phase as standard artillery at a die roll of 4 or less (attack adjacent territory) but, does not advance in the combat phase. If opposing player does not possess heavy artillery, all combat losses from heavy artillery are removed with no die roll in return. Further, heavy artillery when defending coastal territories can fire on Naval Units participating in an amphibious assault and shore bombardment. Heavy Artillery can only be transported by sea with a single HVY artillery per transport. Movement on land during non-combat movement. HVY Artillery can move by rail if this option is in use. Heavy artillery also comes at an additional construction at a cost of 7.

Explanation: HVY Artillery are large caliber howitzers, these can be towed or rail guns usually 5 inch and above caliber. The idea for HVY Artillery to inflict loss with no return die roll (if opposing player does not have HVY Artillery). The ability to counter battery is lost if the opposing force does not have large caliber guns. Example: Rommel’s armor forces in battle with 8th Army in Tunisia suffered great loss from a British artillery attack. Example: December 1941, during the Battle of Wake Island, US Marines fired at the Japanese invasion fleet with their six 5-inch (127 mm) guns, sinking the Japanese destroyer Hayate by scoring direct hits on her magazines, and scoring eleven hits on the light cruiser Yubari, forcing her to withdraw, and temporarily repulsing Japanese efforts to take the island. The limitation of movement is demonstrated that HVY Artillery can only move in the noncombat phase. When this limitation is used with other house rules the fact that HVY Artillery cannot advance after combat.
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A nice addition
These artillery are a nice match to the German 210mm gun offered by HBG. Great detail sturdy, affordable. What's not to like?
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from St. Louis. on 2/11/2018
5 Stars
I found them very beautiful I recommend them
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from italia. on 1/9/2020
5 Stars
Booming Artillery
My favorite piece in any game. Good quality.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Frankfort, IL. on 4/5/2016

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