1/72 German Anti-Resistance Troops Box (Orion)
1/72 German Anti-Resistance Troops Box (Orion)

1/72 German Anti-Resistance Troops Box (Orion)

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  • 48 figures, 12 poses, 4 Dogs
  • Brown
  • 24 mm (.94")

To control the conquered peoples of Europe, and particularly to counter any signs of resistance, the Germans employed a bewildering array of different units, mostly attached to the Army, SS or Police, although the distinctions between these were sometimes very unclear. For the purposes of our hobby the good news is that most of these units were dressed and equipped much like the regular Army, with the differences being mainly in insignia and other small details that are largely irrelevant to figures at this scale, so they can be portrayed using any of the many existing sets of infantry and a suitable paint job. This set from Orion however has chosen to portray two types of security personnel that have previously been less easy to depict.

Our top two rows show men that are dressed in normal Army uniform for the period of World War II, but with the distinguishing feature of a crescent gorget on the upper chest. Several types of men wore this uniform and accessory, including the Feldgendarmerie des Heeres (Army gendarmes), SS-Feldgendarmerie (SS gendarmes), Feldgendarmerie der Luftwaffe (air force gendarmes), Zugwachabteilungen (train guards), Bahnhofswache (railway station guards), Kommandantur guard troops (military HQ guard) and Feldjägerkorps (late war military police). While any of these might find themselves in action against resistance movements, we will assume the intended subjects are the units most likely to be in actual combat with partisans – the Feldgendarmerie of the Army and SS, and the later Feldjägerkorps. The men in these units are broadly described as military police, but their duties went far beyond policing the Army or SS, and included direct action against partisans and resistance.

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