1/72 Red 1st Cavalry Box (Orion)
1/72 Red 1st Cavalry Box (Orion)

1/72 Red 1st Cavalry Box (Orion)

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  • Mars
  • 12 figures 12 Horses
  • Grey, Blue, Tan
  • 23mm tall (.91")

As with all Russia's armed forces, the cavalry underwent dramatic changes following the revolutions of 1917. From the chaos of the first few months of the new government and the start of the civil war came a new mounted arm, and a hero in the form of Semyon Mikhailovich Budenny (1883-1973). The First Cavalry Army, led by the dashing Budenny, became the first elite cavalry of the Red Army, and won great fame for itself and its commander during the war.

This is the first set to depict the Russian Civil War, and as always the cavalry are seen as the most romantic of the participants. All the figures in this set are wearing winter uniform, a costume that became the 'classic' look of Soviet soldiers before the Great Patriotic War of 1941. In the early months uniform had been an unobtainable luxury for most, but by 1920 the uniform on these figures was fairly widespread. Their headgear is the shlem, often also called the budenovka after the legendary Budenny. It is a pointed peaked cloth helmet with flaps that could be lowered in cold weather, and it had a large cloth star on the front, as shown on these figures. This was supposed to have a smaller enameled metal badge in its center, but this was often missing and has not been included in this set. The men also wear the distinctive greatcoat with the three colored tabs on the chest, again common by 1920. Despite minor changes in 1922, this is the standard look of Red Army cavalry for winter campaigns throughout the war, and it has been properly done in this set.

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