1/72 Soviet DShK AA MG and Crew Box (Orion)
1/72 Soviet DShK AA MG and Crew Box (Orion)

1/72 Soviet DShK AA MG and Crew Box (Orion)

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  • 15 figures, 5 poses,
  • 24.5mm tall (.96")
  • Silver

During the 1920s, with the Civil War behind them, Soviet planners began thinking of future wars and realized they needed a modern heavy machine gun. The first such gun, the DK, appeared in 1930, used a 12.7mm bullet and was made in relatively small numbers between 1933 and 1935. However it was fed from a drum that only held 30 rounds, so its rate of fire suffered as the drum was constantly having to be replaced. The answer was to substitute a belt feed, although even this only held 50 rounds, but it was a lot quicker to feed. With the belt feed the weapon was designated the DShK-38, and became the standard Soviet heavy machine gun of World War II (coming into service in late 1939). Among its' uses was as an anti-aircraft weapon, mounted on a tall tripod as illustrated on the box, and in this role it was very widely used throughout the war.

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