1/72 Soviet Medical Personnel Box (ZVE)
1/72 Soviet Medical Personnel Box (ZVE)

1/72 Soviet Medical Personnel Box (ZVE)

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Soviet Medical Personnel Box 1941-1942

  • 4 figures in 4 poses
  • Size: 1.0" (25mm)
  • Color: Green
  • Unpainted 1/72 Scale Plastic Toy Soldiers

Representing the medical services in the Art of Tactic series of game pieces is this stretcher party, consisting of the two bearers and a female medic. Unlike other powers, the Soviet Union routinely employed women in the front line as medics, and this one seems to be following her patient back behind the lines. There are no individual bases for these figures - just the large single game base as seen here, which is a little clumsy set next to other figures but makes a touching scene.

Both the bearers and the nurse wear standard Soviet uniform, with the usual minor differences such as the puttees of one man compared to the boots of the other. All carry their gasmask case, and the nurse plus one bearer have a medical bag, although as it has two straps it is not the standard type for the time. Although both men have ammunition pouches they bear no arms, but the nurse has a pistol on her belt. This might well be obtained from the field, and strictly speaking should have been for self-defence only, but neither side was particularly fussy about any rules of combat in the East, particularly as the Soviet Union had not fully signed up to the Geneva Conventions. For this reason also no one has an armband - they were little respected and made for an easier target.

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