1/72 Soviet Motorized Infantry Box (ZVE)
1/72 Soviet Motorized Infantry Box (ZVE)

1/72 Soviet Motorized Infantry Box (ZVE)

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Soviet Motorized Infantry Box 
  • 5 figures in  poses
  • Size: 0.97" (24.55mm)
  • Color: Green
  • Unpainted 1/72 Scale Plastic Toy Soldiers

This is the first of the 'Hot War' range of game pieces produced by Zvezda to allow wargames based on a fictional 'hotting-up' of the Cold War around the end of the 1980s, just before that confrontation in fact ended with political changes in Eastern Europe. This is the first set of figures for the range, and represents the ordinary motorised infantry or riflemen of the Soviet Army.

As with the rest of the Art-of-Tactic ranges, we find a small set with just five figures. In the game they represent a unit, with a reasonable spread of weapons. The first and third figures are riflemen, armed with either the AKM or the much more likely AK-74 - it is hard to tell at this scale, despite the excellent, sharp detail. Indeed the weapons could easily also be the AKS-74 with the folding stock. The second figure looks to be a squad leader, and he carries an AK-74 with the GP-25 grenade launcher attached. Figure number four is holding a loaded RPG-7, while the machine-gunner in the squad is using an RPK-74. All these weapons are suitable for the late 80s, and although a Soviet infantry squad included more men than are present here, the distribution of weapons is a fair representation of the make-up of such a squad. All the men are dressed in the same way, which is to say the standard uniform and helmet, plus the 6B5 body armour that first went into production in 1986 but did not appear in the war in Afghanistan, thus precluding these figures from that conflict. Everything here is historically accurate for the period.

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