1/72 Soviet Tankmen & Crew (Summer) Box (Orion)
1/72 Soviet Tankmen & Crew (Summer) Box (Orion)

1/72 Soviet Tankmen & Crew (Summer) Box (Orion)

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  • 39 figures, 13 poses,
  • 24.5mm tall (.96")
  • Silver

Although the Soviet Union possessed vast armoured forces in 1941 many vehicles were old designs and in a very poor state of repair, and within months of the German invasion most of these had either been destroyed or simply abandoned as unusable. Newer, better designs were on the way however, and after recovering from the initial shock production of tanks grew dramatically until by the war’s end the Soviets were once again in possession of the largest armoured army in the world, but this time the vehicles were better, well maintained and crewed by experienced battle-hardened men.
Tank crewmen always present something of a problem as when they are in combat they are hidden in their machines, and don’t look particularly dramatic or interesting even if you could see them. However there is much scope for having figures milling around stationary tanks, perhaps parked up, being maintained or even abandoned on the battlefield. LW have previously done a set on the same subject, which were quite accurate but pretty ugly to look at, so the hope was that Orion would produce something better, and they have not disappointed..

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