1/72 Soviet Tankmen and Crew (1939-1942) Box (Orion)
1/72 Soviet Tankmen and Crew (1939-1942) Box (Orion)

1/72 Soviet Tankmen and Crew (1939-1942) Box (Orion)

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  • 39 figures, 13 poses,
  • Brown
  • 23.5mm (.93")

The period covered by this set, 1939 to 1942, saw some of the darkest days of the Red Army. It includes the shameful invasion and annexation of Poland in alliance with Nazi Germany, where resistance was light, the conflict with Japan at Khalkhin Gol, where armour played an important part but again faced little armoured opposition, and the invasion of Finland, a shambolic expedition that revealed many of the weaknesses of the Red Army (although the campaign was unsuitable for widespread use of armour). The period ends with the Germany invasion, when millions of Red Army soldiers were killed or captured, and the apparently massive amounts of Soviet armour were shown to be of little value due to obsolescence, mechanical frailty and poor tactical understanding. Lessons would be learned for later, but enormous numbers of tanks and vehicles were lost during these difficult years and many crews sacrificed due to failings in the leadership.

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