1/72 U.S. US SAM FIM-92 'Stinger Box (ZVE)
1/72 U.S. US SAM FIM-92 'Stinger Box (ZVE)

1/72 U.S. US SAM FIM-92 'Stinger Box (ZVE)

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U.S. US SAM FIM-92 'Stinger
  • 4 figures in 4 poses
  • Size: 1.0" (25mm)
  • Color: Tan
  • Unpainted 1/72 Scale Plastic Toy Soldiers

The FIM-92 'Stinger' was a standard surface-to-air missile weapon that was widely used by the USA military through the 1980s and beyond, making it perfectly suitable for this ‘late 80s / early 90s' themed set. The weapon itself is very nicely sculpted, and for the one apparently about to be launched the IFF antenna is a separate piece. Also the weapon is separate from the gunner, so the sight is well done and everything is really crisp without any excess plastic.

All the men are dressed alike, in that they all wear standard BDU with ALICE gear and PASGT body armour and helmets, which again has been properly done and is perfect for the period. The man not directly involved in the use of the weapon has a peaked fatigue cap which is also fine. Details are excellent, particularly on the kit, and it is pleasing to see that everyone wears or has eye protection, which is something often overlooked on figures from this era. The poses include the man firing (gunner), another finding targets (team chief) and a third carrying the weapon. The soldier just standing may seem surplus to requirements, but he is still a great figure, as are they all.

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