1/72 WW2 German Panzergrenadiers in Anorak (ZVE)
1/72 WW2 German Panzergrenadiers in Anorak (ZVE)

1/72 WW2 German Panzergrenadiers in Anorak (ZVE)

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  • 5 figures in 4 poses
  • Size: 0.98" (25mm)
  • Color: Grey
  • Unpainted 1/72 Scale Plastic Toy Soldiers

The term Panzergrenadier was introduced into the German Army in 1942, when the ordinary infantry were rebranded as ‘grenadiers’. Panzergrenadiers were infantry that were motorized, so had trucks or other vehicles to move them, and were naturally better suited to operate alongside fast-moving tanks, for example.

There are also separate bases for each, which we have used for our photograph. All wear the same uniform; a helmet with cover, a smock with drawstring neck tie and trousers tucked into long boots. The smock has no hood, which suggests an earlier date such as 1942, and the boots tend to the same conclusion, though these would work for the later years also. Two men carry the common MP40 submachine gun, another has the MG34 machine gun and the second figure in our picture holds an StG 44 assault rifle, which were all excellent weapons, but the assault rifle brings the date of the set forward a bit to 1943 at the earliest. Every man here has a full set of assault equipment, including ammunition pouches appropriate to the weapon he carries

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