1/72 WWII Battlefield Accessory Set (Italeri)
1/72 WWII Battlefield Accessory Set (Italeri)

1/72 WWII Battlefield Accessory Set (Italeri)

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  • There are two gun emplacements protected by gabions, plus a wooden screen with an aperture through which a gun could be pointed. Seven separate pieces make up a long low barricade, which is a wooden fence with earth piled up on one side to absorb bullets and shells. The fence stands a little above waist height on a man, and because the ends are diagonal there is some scope for creating barricades with corners.
  • One of the most unusual pieces is a low bridge. This is a wooden affair and is 37mm (2.7 metres) wide and 84mm (6 metres) across the central span. 
  • The watchtower. It stands at 60mm (4.3 metres) high at the platform level
  • Several sections of fencing, a low brick wall and a very short firing platform pad the set out, and there are the apparently inevitable chevaux-de-frise models as well. Several small barrels and a bucket complete the line-up.
  • Unpainted 1/72 Scale Plastic Toy Soldiers (25.5 mm) 1.00"

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