1/72 WWII German Volkssturm Defenders Box (Mars)
1/72 WWII German Volkssturm Defenders Box (Mars)

1/72 WWII German Volkssturm Defenders Box (Mars)

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  • Mars
  • 40 figures in 8 poses
  • Color: Green
  • Size: 22.5mm (0.89")

In the late summer of 1944 Germany was in serious trouble. The Red Army was approaching from the east while the Western Allies were doing the same through France and Italy. Clearly Germany could not win as things stood, but there was hope. Either the much trumpeted wonder-weapons might tip the military balance, or else Stalin’s Russia might fall out with his allies and they might start fighting each other. Perhaps all that Germany needed to do was hold on until things changed for the better, but to do that required more men, so on 18th October 1944 Himmler announced the creation of the Volkssturm, whereby any able man aged 16 to 60 might be liable to fight. In theory it created millions more soldiers for the Reich, but in practice German industry could not even adequately supply the Army with the weapons they needed, never mind all these new ‘troops’, and the Volkssturm would soon find it also lacked many uniforms and much training. Some did fight and die, but the widespread scepticism of the general population proved to be accurate and creation of the Volkssturm was no more than a desperate measure that delivered no significant military advantage.

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