1940 Accessories Upgrade Set
1940 Accessories Upgrade Set

1940 Accessories Upgrade Set

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Upgrade Set [+$169.95]
Deluxe set w/ GH Dice & Battlebucks [+$214.95]

1940 Accessories Upgrade Set Contents 

15 Major factories (Grey) 3 stack
24 Minor factories (Grey) 2 stack
10 Air bases
10 Naval Port
10 Damage Markers (Red) Round
6 Kamikaze tokens (Red)
10 Convoy Tokens (Blue)
200 Gray Plastic Chips)
50 Green plastic chips
50 Red plastic chips
15ANZAC Roundels
35 Germany Control Markers (Iron Cross)
15 Russia Control Markers
40 Japan Control Markers
15 USA Control Markers
20 UK Control Markers
25 Italy Fascist Control Markers
5 Union Jack Control Marker
5 France Control Marker
5 China Control markers

1940 Accessories Deluxe Set Contents 

15Major factories (Grey) 3 stack
24Minor factories (Grey) 2 stack
10Air bases
10Naval Port
10Damage Markers (Red) Round
6Kamikaze tokens (Red)
10Convoy Tokens (Blue)
200Gray Plastic Chips)
50Green plastic chips
50Red plastic chips
15ANZAC Roundels
35Germany Control Markers (Iron Cross)
15Russia Control Markers
40Japan Control Markers
15USA Control Markers
20UK Control Markers
25Italy Fascist Control Markers
5Union Jack Control Marker
5France Control Marker
5China Control markers

1  Set Grasshopper Dice

1  Set HBG Battlebucks

1 Coaster Set (Germany, Russia, Japan, USA, China, UK, Italy, ANZAC, France, FEC)

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