APC A7V-U1 WW1 German (3d Printed) x5
A7V German Tank

APC A7V-U1 WW1 German (3d Printed) x5

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3d Printed in Light Grey

Size: 1.1" (27.3mm) long, Sold in Sets of 5

An attempt to reproduce the all-terrain capability of the British tanks, the A7V-U was still based on the Holt chassis but had a rhomboidal hull and all-round tracks. The cab was similar to, but bigger than, that on the A7V and was mounted on top of the forward part of the hull. Two 57 mm guns were carried in sponsons similar to the British type. The prototype was built in June 1918; trials showed that it was nose-heavy and had a high centre of gravity, and the 40-ton weight caused manoeuvrability problems. On the assumption that the problems could be rectified, 20 were ordered in September 1918, the same month work on the design was halted. 

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