ARL Tracteur C40 3D Printed (xONE)
ARL Tracteur C40 3D Printed (xONE)

ARL Tracteur C40 3D Printed (xONE)

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3d printed in Grey

Size: 1.38" (35mm) Long

In 1939/1940, ARL, AMX and FCM were planning and manufacturing a super heavy tank to replace the old and surpassed Char 2C. The ARL proposal was a 145ton multiturret heavy tank armed with two guns mounted in two turrets. The main armament was a 90mm modele 1939, secondary was a 47mm SA35 mounted in a small turret. This tank was heavy armored (for that time), front armor was sloped and 120mm thick. The ARL project of heavy tank was a truly beast. The ARL factories were captured by Germans and Nazies found the unfinished tank, an enormous hull with an giant turret armed with the 90mm 1939 gun. The tracks were protected by thick side skirts and the chassis was overall welded or cast (no rivetted). The fate of this super heavy tank is unknown, maybe it was scrapped and steel was recycled.



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