Afrika Korp-1936 Expansion Set
Afrika Korp-1936 Expansion Set

Afrika Korp-1936 Expansion Set

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Download v2 PDF (5.6 MB) Rules HERE v1.0 (Updated 11/09/16)
Download v3 PDF (4.0 MB) Rules HERE v3.0 (Updated 3/10/20)

Set Contents

3  Infantry w/ Rifle (Mustard Color) 
2  Opel Maultier Motorized Infantry (Mustard Color) 
2  105mm Artillery (Mustard Color) 
1  Hummel Self-Propelled Artillery (Mustard Color) 
2  38t Light Armor (Mustard Color) 
1  Pz III Medium Armor (Mustard Color) 
1  KT-1 German Transport (Black)
5 German markers (15th, 21st, 90th, 164th Pz Div & Bonus Ramcke Para Brigade) 3 Markers unique to this set.

The Deutsche Afrika Corps (DAK) was the German expeditionary force sent to assist Italian forces in North Africa. In this set we provide German units in Afrika Corp Mustard as well as rules for easily transferring DAK units across the Mediterranean.



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