Artillery: 88mm - (Grey) Germany (Revised 2004)
Artillery: 88mm - (Grey) Germany (Revised 2004)

Artillery: 88mm - (Grey) Germany (Revised 2004)

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German 88 mm Artillery Piece






German PaK 43  L/71 (88 mm AT)

4.95 t

88 mm

1000 m/s

15,300 m


88 mm Artillery Piece


ID: Plastic artillery gaming piece: 88 mm artillery piece from the game Axis & Allies Europe 40 & Pacific 40.


The Story of the “German 88”:  The Germans had many fine artillery pieces in World War II, but perhaps none was more famous than the amazingly flexible “88”!  It began life as primarily an anti-aircraft gun, (Flugabwehr-Kanone, or “air-defense-cannon,” abbreviated FlaK.) It was as capable in this role as pretty much any heavy AA gun in the world at the time, being used in fixed fortifications, on warships and on a flexible, mobile cruciform mount like that shown here.  Used against ground targets as well as aircraft, it wasn’t long until it was found to be one of the best all-around tank stoppers of the war as well, leading to a version with a lighter anti-tank mount.  (These versions were designated Panzerabwehr-Kanone, or “armor-defense-cannon,” abbreviated PaK.)  It’s only natural that the Germans might want to harness its power in their armored forces, but it was a little too hot for even the Tiger I to handle, so a lower-velocity version of the “88” was developed for it.  (Vehicle-mounted versions were designated Kampfwagen-Kanone, or “fighting-vehicle-cannon,” abbreviated KwK.) Unencumbered by the need for a rotating turret, tank destroyers were seen as the perfect way to make this powerhouse mobile, and it was used in the famous Nashorn, Ferdinand/ Elefant, & Jagdpanther Tank Destroyers in full-length, full-power versions.  By the time the Germans were developing their heavy-weight champion of all WW2 heavy tanks, the Tiger II Heavy Tank, the right turret was ready for it, and the full-power version of this world-beating, tank-demolishing gun was finally fitted in the revolving turret of the heaviest tank of the war!  When all was said and done, there seemed to be nothing the famous “88” couldn’t do... and nothing it didn’t do!


Usage Notes: Use this piece for “Global 1939” and “Invasion of Italy” Variants as either medium artillery or an AA gun (depending on your “House Rules” preference.)  Other German artillery pieces of interest may be: 10.5 cm Artillery Piece, 21 cm Artillery Piece, StuG III Assault Gun.

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