Artillery Gun: Type 92 70mm - Japan (Pacific 1940-2nd Ed)
Artillery Gun: Type 92 70mm - Japan (Pacific 1940-2nd Ed)

Artillery Gun: Type 92 70mm - Japan (Pacific 1940-2nd Ed)

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Japanese Type 92 Battalion Gun, 70 mm



Barrel Length

gun caliber


muzzle velocity

Type 92 Battalion Gun

468 lbs. (212.5 kg)

24.5”  (.622 m)

70 mm

3,000 yd. (2,745 m)

650 fps (198 m/s)


Japanese Type 92 Battalion Gun, 70 mm


ID: Plastic artillery gaming piece: 70 mm Artillery piece from the game Axis & Allies Pacific 40-2nd Ed.


The Story of the Japanese 70 mm: The Japanese Type 92 Battalion Gun was a very handy and versatile support weapon for their infantry. Designed to replace both the Type 11 37 mm Infantry Gun and the Type 11 70 mm Infantry Mortar.  Light and easy to transport, two of them were assigned to each Infantry Battalion, hence the name.  They could be pulled by horses or vehicles and they could be moved around by teams of infantry with relative ease.  Since the Japanese did much of their fighting in out-of-the-way places their mobility was a major advantage.  Early in the war, their mobility allowed them to bring this small artillery along with them when a larger piece would have overtaxed the limited transport capabilities of an army with too few trucks and tanks.  They could even be set up deep in the jungles to harass US troops, a technique they found very effective in places like Guadalcanal.  They were also very easily hidden within defensive positions nearly invisible to aircraft overhead, a feature that became very important late in the war, once the Japanese had lost control of the skies to the massive air-power of the US carrier fleet.  The Japanese fielded a full range of different guns of every type and purpose, but in the end it was perhaps the Type 92, always at hand as the Japanese infantryman’s ready companion and flexible enough to deal with almost any situation, that probably best represents Japanese artillery at its most dangerous.  


Usage Notes: Use this piece for “Global 1939” and “Invasion of Italy” Variants as a light/ medium artillery unit (depending on your own “House Rules” preference.) Other Japanese units of interest may be: the Type 95 “Ha-Go” light tank, the Takao class cruiser & the Shinano class aircraft carrier & the Yamato class battleship.  Other artillery units of interest might be: the US 105 mm & the German 88 mm artillery pieces.

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