B-36 Peacekeeper (3d Printed) x One
B-36 Peacekeeper (3d Printed) x One

B-36 Peacekeeper (3d Printed) x One

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Size: 55.6mm Wingspan

The B-36 was developed to bomb Germany from the east coast in case Great Britain fell. Now the Axis are on the shores of the Americas but the B-36 can carry more payload than any Axis Bomber.

The American have the T-12 Cloudmaker in their arsenal, a 44,000 lb Bomb!

HBG Customer House Rule:

 B36 Peacemaker

B-36 Super Heavy Long Range Bomber "Peacemaker"

Tech development: Needs competition of Heavy bombers and Long range aircraft. One extra roll must also be completed on both techs. (basically a stage 5)

Attack: Carpet bombing [email protected] (1)

Defense: 2(1)

Movement: 15

Cost: 18

Strategic bombing 6d6

Super Heavy: May only land or take off from territories with airbases.

High Altitude: Only jet fighters can intercept the B-36, and it can choose to fly high, immune to all interception and AAA fire, but must reduce all of it's rolls by one. 

May carry two nuclear bombs or one hydrogen bomb. 

Only one may be built per turn. 

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