BV P.170 Set 3d Printed  (x2)
BV P.170

BV P.170 Set 3d Printed (x2)

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Download PDF (501 kb) Rules HERE v1.1 (Updated 8/17/15)


BV P.170 Fast Bomber  (x2)

31mm Wingspan (Same size as tac Bomber)

The Blohm & Voss P.170 was a “fast bomber” designed – but never built by the German Luftwaffe. The three-engine bomber travelled at speeds up to 510mph (820km) and was built to outrun opposing fighters.  The P.170 carried a payload of 1,000kg with a combat range of 1553 miles (2500km).  

Historical Board Gaming’s line of 3D printed sets are designated in rules as “TDP” followed by a letter (TDPA, TDPB etc…) so your rules can be referenced in future expansions.  Players of Global War 1939 and Axis & Allies 1940 will find these rules compatible with those games. Some slight modifications needed for these game systems are detailed in the appendix.  



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