BV P.188 3D Printed Aircraft Set
BV P.188 3D Printed Aircraft Set

BV P.188 3D Printed Aircraft Set

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Download PDF (587 kb) Rules HERE v1.0 (Updated 10/7/15)

The Blohm & Voss P.188 was a late-war German bomber project that was never completed. The P.188’s unusual wing shape was designed to increase performance at high and low air speeds. Initially, the P.188’s high air speed convinced planners not to equip it with defensive armaments. The aircraft carried 2,200lbs (1,000kg) of ordnance. Other variants had an increased bomb load of 4,400lbs (2,000kg) and remote 13mm gun turrets.

Historical Board Gaming’s line of 3D printed sets are designated in rules as “TPD” followed by a letter (TPDA, TPDB etc…) so you rules can be referenced in future expansions. Players of Global War 1939 and Axis & Allies 1940 will find these rules compatible with those systems.

Download PDF (1.1 mb) Rules HERE v1.0 (Updated June 2015)

BV P.188

BV P.188 (Printed in Black or Grey)

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