Battle Of Midway: Boxed Edition
Battle Of Midway: Boxed Edition

Battle Of Midway: Boxed Edition

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Attempting to make a second crippling strike against the U.S. Navy, the Japanese formulated a plan to draw the enemy out into a vulnerable position. Armed with less-than-full-strength carriers, Admiral Nagumo sought to destroy the U.S. Navy’s counterparts commanded by Admiral Fletcher. The Battle of Midway is a two-player game with one player controlling the U.S. forces defending Midway Island and the other player controlling the Japanese forces attempting to sink the U.S. fleet and invade the island. The Japanese must first find the U.S. fleet before they can attack it, while simultaneously protecting their carriers from the inevitable counter-attack by U.S. aircraft. Plays similar to A&A Guadalcanal with improved rules and custom map.

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