''Battle Pieces'' - WW2 French Set (Light Blue)
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''Battle Pieces'' - WW2 French Set (Light Blue)

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Last of the sets before they go for sale x5 like pieces

HBG is producing plastic gaming pieces that may be used in miniature games such as Axis & Allies and many other miniature war games. These will be done in approximately the same scale as A&A minis so that you have a better selection of pieces to choose from for your variant and house rules.

A complete set will have 44 pieces

(8) Infantry with rifle
(2) French Foreign Legion
(2) 105 mle 1935b Artillery
(2) Lorraine 1938L Mech
(2) Char B heavy tank
(4) D.520 Fighter Plane
(2) Breguet 690 Tac Bomber
(2) Bloch 210 Medium Bomber
(4) Redoubtable Class Submarine
(4) LeFantasque Class Destroyer
(2) Suffren Class Heavy Cruiser
(2) Richeliu Class Battleship
(2) Bearn Class Carrier
(4) Golo Transport Ship

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