Battle for Okinawa Map & Rules
Okinawa (Pacific Command Series)

Battle for Okinawa Map & Rules

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"Battle for Okinawa" 36" x 48"

Rules & Setup updated and a free download on Board Game Geek!

In the summer of 1945 the United States had a firm grasp of the Pacific Theater. Japans once mighty fleet was all but shattered and unable to support any garrisoned island against an U.S. attack. With Iwo Jima taken earlier in the year the U.S. had an island to land damaged bombers that were hitting the mainland island. To launch an invasion of the main island of Japan the U.S. would need a bigger stepping stone to launch from; Okinawa was the answer.
          Okinawa was defended by the 32nd Regular Army and a few thousand IJN troops. The 32nd Army consisted of 2 divisions, the 24th infantry and the 62nd infantry, and 1 brigade, the 44th infantry brigade. About 1/3 of the defending forces were local Okinawans that were forced into the army to help defend against any attack.
          The U.S. would send 5 infantry divisions and 3 marine divisions to take Okinawa. The U.S. generals knew that the Japanese would fight to the death to keep any invader from taking an island so close to their homeland. Using all available naval firepower and aircraft to help the troops on the ground, the casualties would still be very high! 

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This is a newly developed one piece map that was recently created by King Tiger Game Design? and Historical Board Gaming. This map will printed out in full color on a durable banner vinyl material with a matte finish.

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Recommended Parts List:

(24)  Dark Green Marines (2) Marines with Flamethrowers, (3) Flame Tanks, (12) LVT's, (24) Olive Drab Marines, (3) Marines with Flamethrowers, (2) Flame Tanks. (10) LVT's, (12) Corsair fighters, (7) Escort Carriers , (6)  Japanese Inf. with SNLF markers, (14) Japanese Inf. with Militia markers, (6) 12 sided dice, 15 grey plastic houses (Bunkers)

5 Stars
Okinawa Rocks!
Game is simply fantastic! the vinyl map is the way all future A&A maps should be produced! game play is very fast paced once the turn sequence is learned. A+ i look forward to more games from King Tiger Game Design and HBG!
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