Battle of Midway Game
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Battle of Midway Game

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Admiral's Package:

Everything you need to play the game, 1 Game Box, 1 Map, 1 Rules Booklet, 2 Reference Sheets, 2 Battle-boards, 2 Carriers cards, all Markers, Chips, **Dice, and *143 - 3d printed playing pieces.

Captain's Package: 

1 Map, 1 Rules Booklet, 2 Reference Sheets, 2 Battle-boards, 2 Carriers cards, all Markers, Chips, **Dice. (Customer to supply playing pieces)

Lieutenant's Package:  

1 Map, 1 Rules Booklet, 2 Reference Sheets, 2 Battle-boards, 2 Carriers cards. (Customer to supply playing pieces, markers, chips, and Dice)

*Note: 3d printed playing pieces are printed in Red & Green.

**Note: D12 Dice may vary in color.

21.5" x 32" Matte Vinyl color Map (Rolled in a tube)

32" x 48" Matte Vinyl color Map (Upgrade) Select Option, Stock map will be replaced with this size map if option is selected (Price will change accordingly)

Rules: Download (8 MB) Updated 6/17/21

Board Game Geek (BGG) - Information, downloads, videos, reviews, files, errata, etc

Midway Teaser Video

Midway Setup Video

Midway Tutorial Video

Unboxing Video (Hambone HQ)

Contents: (depending on Package)

Large “Carrier Division” markers (x3)

Large “Task Force” markers (x7)

Transport (“Convoy”) markers (x2)

AA Gun marker (x1)

Airfield marker (x1)

Seaplane Base marker (x1)

Victory Point marker USN (x1)

Victory Point marker IJN (x1)

Out of Fuel markers (x10)

Fuel-1 markers (x10)

Fuel-2 markers (x10)

Fuel-3 markers (x10)

Squall markers (x10)

Hidden markers (x12)

Damage (orange) markers (x20)

Recon markers (x8)

Bomb markers (x20)

Torpedo markers (x20)

USA roundel sublimated (x4)

Japan roundel sublimated (x4)

Squall token sublimated (x1)

Battle token sublimated (x1)

2-sided Carrier Op Status markers sublimated (x8)

Green D12 (x6)

Red D12 (x6)

White chips (x100)

Blue chips (x13)

Black chips (x13)

Green chips (x13)

Red chips (x12)

Orange chips (x11)

Brown chips (x11)

Yellow chips (x11)

Purple chips (x5)

Akagi Fleet Carrier (x1)

Kaga Fleet Carrier (x1)

Hiryu Fleet Carrier (x1)

Soryu Fleet Carrier (x1)

Zuiho Light Carrier (x1)

Kongo Battleships (x4)

Tone Heavy Cruisers (x4)

Myoko Heavy Cruisers (x6)

Nagara Light Cruisers (x2)

Yagumo Destroyers (x16)

A6M Zero Fighters (x16)

B5N Kate Attack Bombers (x12)

D3A Val Dive Bombers (x12)

E13A Jake Patrol Aircraft (x4)

Yorktown Fleet Carriers (x3)

New Orleans Heavy Cruisers (x8)

Farragut Destroyers (x12)

F4F Wildcat Fighters (x12)

TBD Devastator Torpedo Bombers (x8)

SBD Dauntless Dive Bombers (x12)

PBY Catalina Patrol Aircraft (x4)

B-25 Medium Bomber (x1)

B-17 Flying Fortress Heavy Bombers (x2)

Rules Booklet (x1)

Map, 21.5” x 32” (rolled Vinyl)

Unit Reference Card (x1 each USN & IJN) 16pt Cardstock

Setup/Order of Play Cards (x2) 16pt Cardstock

Battle Boards (x1 each USN & IJN) 16pt Cardstock

Carrier Cards (x1 each USN) 16pt Cardstock

Carrier Cards (x1 each IJN) 16pt Cardstock

Attempting to make a second crippling strike against the U.S. Navy, the Japanese formulated a plan to draw the enemy out into a vulnerable position. Turning their attention to the small island of Midway, Yamamoto's primary strategic goal was the elimination of America's carrier forces, which he perceived as the principal threat to the overall Pacific campaign. Armed with less-than-full-strength carriers, Admiral Nagumo sought to destroy the U.S. Navy's counterparts commanded by Admiral Fletcher. The Battle of Midway begins with Japanese aircraft poised to demolish the airfield on Midway Island. The Japanese carrier fleet has just moved within range to retrieve the aircraft after their attack, presuming the U.S. fleet is nearby. Knowing the Japanese fleets are within attack range, the U.S. has launched aircraft from Midway to deliver a counterstrike while maneuvering its fleet to launch an all-out air assault against the enemy flattops.

The Battle of Midway is a two-player game with one player controlling the U.S. forces defending Midway Island and the other player controlling the Japanese forces attempting to sink the U.S. fleet and invade the island.

While the U.S. faces grim odds in this battle, they have one major advantage for they have broken the Japanese radio code. They know the location and makeup of the Japanese forces; while the exact location and makeup of the U.S. fleet is unknown to the Japanese. The Japanese must first find the U.S. fleet before they can attack it, while simultaneously protecting their carriers from the inevitable counter-attack by U.S. aircraft.

5 Stars
Battle of Midway
I had a chance to play this game at Pacificon and thought it was a blast!Fun game, plays like quadalcanal without the counfusing dice battle box. High quality vinyl map with really nice graphics. We were fortunate enough to play with a well versed HBG representative guiding us along the way offering advice. I'm looking forward to also using this map to play "War at Sea" navel miniatures on. You will not be dissapointed with this map.
Did you find this helpful?  16 of 16 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Santa Rosa, CA. on 9/4/2012
5 Stars
Battle of Midway
Game plays very similar to Guadalcanal, once the turn sequence is learned the game moves very quickly so that a game may be resolved in under two hours. I really enjoyed this game and look forward to future games from Team Blue Games! Hint: Protect those flat tops!
Did you find this helpful?  16 of 16 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from wichita falls, tx. on 6/19/2012

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