Battlepieces "Amerika" Germany (x5)
Battlepieces 'Amerika' Germany (x5)

Battlepieces "Amerika" Germany (x5)

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From our Amerika Game & Expansions

HBG Customer House Rule:

This rule is for Germany and it's Panzers only.

They may be provided to her allies via lend lease, and these tanks may be available early to Germany should they attain the technology sooner, otherwise, they are available as of the date referenced below.

Maus Super Heavy Tank  (Panzer VIII) - Part Number:BP-014-GRY-08
Cost: 9
Movement: 1
Attack: 5(d6), 10(d12)
Defend: 2(d6), 4(d12)
Special: 2 hits to destroy
Available: July 1944

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