Capitol Building 3D Printed (x5)
Capitol Building 3D Printed (x5)

Capitol Building 3D Printed (x5)

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Part Number:HBG-3DP-0268

3d printed in Grey

Size: 15 x 15 x 21mm tall

perfect size for you Global Maps, Axis & Allies or any other custom game you need some Capitol Domes to represent Capitol Cities.

HBG Customer House Rule:

HBG-3DP-0268, the Capitol Building

Unit constitutes monuments, government complexes, and visible displays of strength and permanence of the national government. 

Unit costs 7 IPCs to build, and can only be constructed in a national capital territory. 

Each country can have only one of these units at a time. 

Unit has no attack or defense value, nor can it move.  However, if a country has this unit, all influence and political rolls are made with +1 modifier.  

Unit can be taken as a casualty in battle (sparing a combat unit), or destroyed by strategic bombing. 

In normal combat it takes 1 hit to destroy the capitol building unit, while for strategic bombing 7 IPCs of damage will destroy it. 

A partially damaged but not wholly destroyed capitol building can be restored for 1d6 IPCs during the build phase.  A partially destroyed capitol building confers no political or influence benefits.

5 Stars
Solid, well detailed
These are really detailed minis that would work well for any 19th century or later gaming needs. About the same size as A&A factories.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Solid, well detailed. on 2/10/2022

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