Char 2C 3D Printed (Qty. 1)
Char 2C

Char 2C 3D Printed (Qty. 1)

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We are excited to present the fourth 3D printed series featuring the Char 2C Heavy tank.  The rules for the 3D printed sets are identified in Global War 2nd edition as “TDP” sets, followed by a designating letter (A,B,C) etc. for reference. This set is TDPD2 – Our original set contained an L.521 Seaplane that is now sold separately

Download PDF (741 kb) Rules HERE v1.0 (Updated June 2015)

Base Set

Char 2C (x1) 3d Printed in color Blue

The rules are written for Global War -2nd edition, yet they are compatible with Global War 1st edition and Axis & Allies 1940.  Slight modifications for use with Axis & Allies 1940 are included

The Char 2C, also known as FCM 2C, is a French super-heavy tank developed, although never deployed during World War I. It was in physical dimensions, the largest operational tank ever made.



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