Churchill Flail "Toad" 3D Printed (x1)
Churchill Flail 'Toad' 3D Printed (x1)

Churchill Flail "Toad" 3D Printed (x1)

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Color: Grey

Size: 39.2 x 12.6 x 9.5mm

A mine flail is a vehicle-mounted device that makes a safe path through a minefield by deliberately detonating land mines in front of the vehicle that carries it. They were first used by the British during World War II.

The mine flail consists of a number of heavy chains ending in fist-sized steel balls (flails) that are attached to a horizontal, rapidly rotating rotor mounted on two arms in front of the vehicle. The rotor's rotation makes the flails spin wildly and violently pound the ground. The force of a flail strike above a buried mine mimics the weight of a person or vehicle and causes the mine to detonate, but in a safe manner that does little damage to the flails or the vehicle.

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