Colonial Troops - Global War Expansion
Colonial Troops - Global War Expansion

Colonial Troops - Global War Expansion

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HBG is excited to present Colonial Troops (COL), an examination of colonial units in World War II.  During the last half of the 19th and into the 20th century imperial powers such as Britain, France, and others occupied colonies around the globe from Africa to India, and from the Middle East to the remote Pacific.  In these colonies, the mother countries drew extensively on their territories for both material and human resources.  It is estimated that in Africa alone, more than a million men were called into action in European armies during World War II.  They served in both combat and non-combat roles.  Hundreds of thousands of men from Europe’s colonies were sent to fight in theaters around the globe.  Their contributions came in many forms, from infantry and desert fighters, to horse and camel cavalry.  Now HBG is proud to bring the service of some of these fighting units to Global War 1936-1945.  

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