Cruiser: Takao Class - Japan (42 2nd Ed)
Cruiser: Takao Class - Japan (42 2nd Ed)

Cruiser: Takao Class - Japan (42 2nd Ed)

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Takao Class Cruiser

Ship/ Class




Main Arm.




Takao Class



9,850-15,490  t

8” (5x2)





Takao Class Cruiser


ID: Plastic battleship gaming piece: Takao-class cruiser from the game Axis & Allies.


The Story of the Takao:  The heavy cruisers built by the Japanese were also perfect examples of the Japanese policy of individually superior ships in every category, and none more so than the Takao Class.  Built right up to the maximum treaty limits... and in fact a little beyond them for their officially stated weight of 9,850 tons clearly hid a significant understatement of her actual size.  Not settling for a mere standard 8 guns in its main armament, the Takao’s, like the Myoko’s before them, fielded 10 in 5 turrets, an arrangement possible only because of its unusually long hull, and that long, sleek hull made it possible for it to be fast, too.  Topped off with its large, fortress-like conning tower/ bridge (beefed up from the previous Myoko class in order to make them good flag-ships), bristling with weaponry, the Takao class exuded a menacing, intimidating presence which hid yet one more secret weapon: the Long Lance torpedo.  While the US had stopped arming its larger ships with torpedoes in the interest of concentrating on their gunnery, the Japanese had developed the longest-range and deadliest torpedoes yet known (or rather unknown, for their capabilities were a carefully guarded secret!) and equipped even many of their larger ships to use them.  Highly trained at both torpedo-attacks and gunnery duels, even at night, Japanese crews would soon teach the US Navy some hard lessons in waters of the South Pacific, and the 4 ships of the Takao class were among the deadliest of their warrior-tools!


Usage Notes: Use this piece for “Global 1939” and “Invasion of Italy” Variants as a cruiser unit.  Other Japanese warships of interest may be: the Yamato class battleship, & the Shinano class aircraft carrier.

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