Custom Map -Operation Overlord (French)
Overlord (French Language)

Custom Map -Operation Overlord (French)

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Map 36x48
Map (French)
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Take control of the Third Reich and prepare to defend Germany face the greatest ever made major operation or direct the Allied troops in the first phase of the invasion of Germany by land on the beaches of Normandy to create a bridgehead as soon as possible in order to free Europe from the Nazi invader.
In Overlord, the victory will be decided by the results of the Allies at the end of the 20th round game. They must have managed to get at least 200 victory points (which is equivalent to saying that they have reached their goal and created a sufficient bridgehead for further operations).

Designed by: Steve Bélisle

Contact Steve with questions at: 
or on Facebook: Steve Concepteur

Vinyl Rolled map: 36" x 48" (French Language)
Rules, Setups, and Unit Descriptions are downloaded upon purchasing this game.
(Less than 2mb zip file)

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