DFS-331 Transport Glider - Germany 3d model
DFS-331 Glider

DFS-331 Transport Glider - Germany 3d model

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Part Number:HBG-DFS-331-3d model
Scale of Model:
Global 39 Scale = 1.44" (36.5mm) Wingspan (Purchase on Shapeways)
1/700 Scale = 1.23" (32.9mm) Wingspan (Purchase on Shapeways)
1/600 Scale = 1.44" (38.3mm) Wingspan (Purchase on Shapeways)
1/285 Scale = 3.2" (80.7mm) Wingspan (Purchase on Shapeways)

Rules on how to use this piece in HBG's Global War Game.

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The DFS 331 was a transport glider prototype developed in a collaboration between DFS and Gotha. It was a twenty seat troop transport designed by Hans Jacobs, who had previously produced the successful, nine seat DFS 230

The visibility from the cockpit was good, with the entire nose being glazed, and the body was very wide, allowing it to carry light Flak guns and small military vehicles. A single prototype was built and flown in 1941. The project was passed over in favour of the Gotha Go 242.


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