Destroyer: Fubuki Class - Japan (42 2nd Ed)
Destroyer: Fubuki Class - Japan (42 2nd Ed)

Destroyer: Fubuki Class - Japan (42 2nd Ed)

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Fubuki Class Destroyer

Ship/ Class




Main Arm.




Fubuki Class



1,850 t

6x5” (3x2)





Fubuki Class Destroyer


ID: Plastic destroyer gaming piece: Fubuki-class destroyer from the game Axis & Allies.


The Story of the Fubuki Class: Relatively few ships can claim to have taken the world off guard and changed the way an entire ship-type was viewed by naval designers, but the Fubuki class can make such a claim.  Drawing once again on the Japanese policy of individually superior ships, they had built, with the Fubuki-class, a whole new type of destroyer.  It’s main armament of 6 5” guns were all in double turrets, unusual for a destroyer back then, and the torpedo and light AA armament were top-notch in their day as well.  Once again, built right up to the treaty limits on destroyers, the Fubuki class was an attempt to maximize the combat potential of each individual ship.  They set a new standard in destroyer construction that it would take the US and the UK nearly a decade to fully match!  Combined with the Japanese skill in night fighting, the Fubuki class would prove to be sharp weapons in the hands of Japanese captains throughout the war, and later Japanese destroyer designs would be based closely on them.  In the open seas of the South Pacific and in dark waters near Guadalcanal, the worth of the Fubuki class and the rest of the destroyers of Japan’s navy (all so similar to her basic pattern) would be made manifest!


Usage Notes: Use this piece for “Global 1939” and “Invasion of Italy” Variants as a destroyer unit.  Other Japanese warships of interest may be: the Yamato class battleship, & the Shinano class aircraft carrier.

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