Destroyer: Johnston Class - Maroon - Russia (Europe 1999)
Destroyer: Johnston Class - Maroon - Russia (Europe 1999)

Destroyer: Johnston Class - Maroon - Russia (Europe 1999)

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Gnevny Class Destroyer

Ship/ Class




Main Arm.




Gnevny Class

370’ (112.8 m)

33’6” (10.2 m)

1,885 t

4x 5.1”

38.5 kts.




Gnevny Class Destroyer


ID: Plastic destroyer gaming piece: Gnevny class destroyer from the game Axis & Allies Europe 40 & Pacific 40.


The Story of the Gnevny Class: Like many of the warships produced by the Soviets in this period, the Gnevny class (also known as the Type 7) bore an unmistakable Italian influence, which is unsurprising as they were designed and built with Italian assistance.  As was characteristic of Italian designs, they were very fast, but had some issues with sea-worthiness.  Their main armament of 4 (B-13 guns) 5.1” guns was about standard for destroyers of the era, and in spite of their sea-worthiness issues (which made them less than ideal for Baltic conditions), they were valuable additions to the Soviet Navy.  30 of them were completed, and an improved version, the Type 7U corrected some of these flaws and was also built in substantial numbers (18 in all.)  They served in all three Soviet fleets (Baltic, Black Sea, and Pacific) and some from the latter fleet were even transferred to the Red Chinese, forming the nucleus of the post-war “People’s Liberation Army Navy.”


Usage Notes: Use this piece for “Global 1939” and “Invasion of Italy” Variants as a destroyer unit.  Other Soviet warships of interest may be: Kirov class cruiser, & Gangut class battleship.

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