East vs West - Global War Expansion
East vs West - Global War Expansion

East vs West - Global War Expansion

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HBG presents East vs West; an exciting continuation to Global War 1936 game that moves the conflict between communism and democracy from ideological to direct combat.  With East vs West, the world powers continue the clash of military might and ideology until the world can find peace. These rules are an extension of 1936 Global. When in doubt, refer to 1936 Global rules on matters unclear or not covered in this expansion.

v4 Downloads

Coming Fall 2022

V3 Downloads

Download "East vs West" v3.0 Rules HERE (Updated 12/16/20)

Download "Axis Split" HERE (1/25/21)

Download "Pluto" HERE (Updated 4/16/20)

Download "Unthinkable" HERE (Updated 12/16/20)

Download "E vs W Charts" HERE (Updated 12/16/20)

V2 Downloads

Download "East vs West" v1.1 Rules HERE (Updated 2/11/20)

Download "Axis Split" HERE

Download "Pluto" HERE

Download "Unthinkable" HERE

Download "E vs W Charts" HERE

Pick Overlay to fit your map size

Pick 35 Marker set: 5 Research, 5 Heavy Water, 5 Uranium, 5 Nuclear Reactor, 5 Nuclear Bomb & 10 Radiation markers

Pick 20 CCP Marker Set. (optional)

Pick Diplomacy Chart  (optional)

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