Elite Fighter Squadrons Set 1
Elite Fighter Squadrons Set 1

Elite Fighter Squadrons Set 1

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Download PDF (6.0 MB) Rules HERE v2 map (Updated 8/4/16)
Download PDF (4.2 MB) Rules HERE v3 map (Updated 3/10/20)

Set Contents (-A)   (15, 5/8" round markers with hole in center for metal flight stands)   

Set Contents (-B)  (15, 3/4" round markers)

Set Contents (-C) Aircraft Only, (4, 3dprinted, 3 will need to be painted to match)

   Special Aerotorpedoes Unit marker (Italy) w/ 3d Printed SM.79 x1
   Kamikaze Squadron marker (Japan) w/ Ki-43 Oscar x1
   Jagd 52 Fighter Wing marker (Germany) w/ Bf-109 x1
   Zerstoregeschwader 26 marker (Germany) w/ 3d Printed Me-410 x1
   Blue Squadron marker (Spain) w/ Fw-190 x1

   4th Fighter Group marker (U.S.) w/ P-51 Mustang x1
   56th Fighter Group marker (U.S.) w/ P-47 Thunderbolt x1
   VMF-214 marker (U.S.) w/ F4U Corsair x1 (3d Printed)
   No. 100 Group RAF marker (Britain) w/ Mosquito x1
   92nd Fighter Squadron marker (Britain) w/ Spitfire x1

   4th Guards Bomber marker (Russia) w/ IL-4 Medium Bomber x1
   28th Guards Ftr Aviation Regiment marker (Russia) w/ Mig-3 (x1)
   470th Guards Fighter marker (Russia) w/ I-16 Fighter x1
   588th Night Bomber marker (Russia) w/ 3d Printed Po-2 x1
   Normandie-Nieman marker (French) Yak-1 x1

HBG is proud to present Elite Fighter Squadrons (EFS), an examination of elite and specialized air
units in World War II. In this set players take control of some of the best air units in the Second
World War. Random drawing of units provides some variation in which air units will be show up
from game to game. You’ll also be happy to see we’ve added a number of aircraft to this set.
Some are specialized 3D printed units like the Italian SM-79 while others fill the role of regular
fighters and bombers. From the Night Witches, to the Black Sheep, the units in this set promise
an exciting range of possibilities for Global War!



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